Apply for a permanent resident card or Canadian citizenship, find information about how to start your life in Canada, find out what services near you are available to help or what to expect for your first tax year.

Get a permanent resident card

Applications for new permanent resident cards or replacement cards and how long it takes to get a card

Apply for a permanent resident travel document

Eligibility requirements and application steps for permanent resident travel documents

Change your address

Submitting or updating your address to get your PR card

Start your life in Canada

Health care, finding a place to live, planning your finances and enrolling your children in school

Find immigrant services near you

Find services in your area to help you find a job, help with daily life and help you adjust to your new community

Apply for citizenship

Eligibility requirements, application steps and processing times for Canadian citizenship

Learn about your first tax year

Tax obligations, credits and benefits and filing a tax return for your first year in Canada

Protect yourself from fraud

How to avoid becoming a victim of immigration fraud, such as marriage fraud, document fraud and email and internet scams

Voluntarily give up (renounce) your permanent resident status

Why, when and how to give up your permanent resident status, including application forms

Fun path to learning

Games, puzzles and teaching materials that will help you learn about citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism in a fun way